I was looking for a little inspiration, something to shake up my current shoots and get a little creative. So I turned to two incredibly talented college students, Jordan Clare and Liv DeHaan, for some collaboration and brainstorming. We planned out two separate styled engagement shoots, found beautiful models, and got to work!

Jordan is a talented florist with an artist’s soul. She was full of ideas, not only for the bouquets and floral crowns, but for creative direction and location scouting. Her process involves painting watercolors of her pieces before she puts them together, and she graciously donated several for me to hang in my office! She’s also pretty connected, and asked some friends if she could use their super amazing TEAL truck, pictured below. Pure awesomeness.

Liv is a gifted art student who handled the styling, creating outfits from the models’ closets (and her own), and planning hair and makeup. I’ve always loved her very unique sense of style, and this session was definitely her sweet spot. She showed her diversity, though, in putting together pieces that fit our locations and were complementary to each other.

We had a fun-filled evening getting these shots. Blake and Brittany were great sports, even though they weren’t a couple, they did most of my typical poses, laughing through any awkwardness. I learned a lot from these two as well, like what Paleo is (I know, I’m embarrassed I didn’t know..), some fitness tips, and how difficult it can be to drive an antique truck… Good think Blake was more than just a model!

If you’re interested in booking a styled session, find out how added investment and collaboration can take your shoot from great to, well, check out the images!

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