You get engaged, and all of a sudden there are a thousand decisions for you to make. Florists, caterers, stylists, wedding dresses, venues, and oh ya… photographers. As you attempt to sort through hundreds of vendors to find which works best for you, it helps to read some tips from an expert. The owner at Karena’s Salon & Spa, a popular salon based in Elgin, Illinois, answered my questions about wedding day hair and makeup. Read more for some helpful tips on planning your wedding day hair and makeup experience!

MRP: Do you recommend that all brides do a hair and/or make up trial?
KSS: Yes, that is always a good idea. Even if it is just a 15 minute consultation to chat and see your veil or hair accessories.

Selecting your wedding day hair salonMRP: Do you book a lot of bridal parties or just the bride?
KSS: Yes! We usually see the whole party! So fun when they all come together. Mimosas & treats are usually part of the fun as well.

MRP: How do your stylist’s prefer they arrive to hair appointments?
KSS: We prefer they arrive with their hair washed and dried with some product in it if it is being put up. Short hair we will wash and style. Always wear a button down shirt or something easy to take off so you won’t ruin your hair as you get dressed.

MRP: What should a bride look for in a salon?
KSS: She needs to find a salon that can accommodate all her needs and, most importantly, a place where she feels comfortable where she knows she will look and feel her best.

MRP: What questions should a bride ask?
KSS: The best rule is to ALWAYS plan ahead. Ask questions like: How much time will be needed? How should I prepare my hair and face? Should I bring anything like hair pieces or special make up? Be sure to schedule your appointments in advance to guarentee your day and time.

MRP: Do you have any tips for brides unsure about hair or make up on wedding day?
KSS: Bring in pictures of different styles and make up looks. A trial is recommended, and will help you make your decision. As for make up, keep it classic. Keep in mind you need foundation to keep skin from retaining oils. Make sure you wear lipstick. If you go too light on eyes or lips, you will look washed out.Wedding Day Hair Salon by Mary Rose Photography

MRP: Do most brides opt for classic, edgy or trendy hair & make up for their wedding day?
KSS: Most brides opt for more classic hair and make up. Just be yourself… with a little extra GLAM!

MRP: Do you see alot of floral accents or accessories included in hair styles for brides?
KSS: Yes, brides still frequently wear the traditional crowns/tiaras, floral pieces and or accessories. Many times they opt to remove them later after the ceremony.

MRP: How soon should the bride book their wedding day practice and day of appointments?
KSS: As soon as she knows the date. Salons book up quickly, and you want to make sure your chosen salon can accomodate your needs. Its always great to book the trial run on a day that you have your bridal shower, bachelorette party or somewhere fun to go, since you will leave looking beautiful.

More about Karena’s Salon & Spa:
Karena’s Salon & Spa has been in Elgin for the past 23 years. Our mission is to provide a comfortable and relaxing enviroment for our guests. Our profesional designers are trained and dedicated to help you look and feel your best. Our commitment to excellence is achieved through our continuing education, leadership and teamwork to exceed your expectations. We look forward to assisting you – customer service is always our ultimate goal.

How to choose your Wedding Day Hair Salon