Many people have recreated the DIY Faux Wood Floor Prop that I blogged about a few months ago. Since then, I have updated that prop to include an additional wood floor and 2 DIY photography backdrop options. I am so excited to shoot newborn and one year sessions with this gorgeous setup! Follow these steps below, and please share if it helped you!

Previous Tutorial – one 2’x4′, 1/4″ sheet of plywood (I got mine at Lowes) and laminate faux wood planks
An additional type of faux wood planks (I got 4″ wide tan-colored planks at Lowes)
Your choice of white moulding
One 2’x4′ sheet of plywood (I purchased the thinnest one I could find, so the board would be lighter)
Two paint samples for the background (or wallpaper, or several colors to create a pattern)
Wood Glue

Take one of the boards created in this Faux Wood Tutorial (I got rid of the other board I made). Add the other color wood to the other side.

Measure the planks and cut them into a pattern. I laid a 24 inch piece down, two 12 inch pieces down, and then laid two 18 inch/6 inch pieces down opposite directions. I then repeated this pattern. (See below)








DIY Faux Wood Floor Backdrop DIY Faux Wood Floor Photography





I laid each of the planks out on the other side of my 2’x4′ plywood. The dark faux wood is on one side, the new light colored planks are on the other.

DIY Photography Backdrop DIY Photography Backdrop DIY Photography Backdrop

Now, I have a plank with a light wood “floor” on one side, and a dark wood “floor” on the other.

Next, I worked on the backdrop, or my “wall.” I bought a 10′ long piece of moulding at Lowes, and they cut it for me into two 4′ long pieces. After painting the backdrop on both sides (two coats). I took the moulding, measured it so the bottom of the moulding would sit on top of the “wood floor,” and glued the moulding to my backdrop.

I set the backdrop on the ground perpendicular to the faux wood floor and measured how high the moulding needed to be.

DIY Photography Backdrop
Then I measured how wide the moulding was so I could place the glue on the backdrop.

DIY Photography Backdrop DIY Photography Backdrop DIY Photography Backdrop


























Some glue may spill out on the sides if there is too much, so have a paper towel handy to wipe that up.

DIY Photography Backdrop
The wood glue needs pressure for an hour – after I held pressure on it for a while, I placed the board on a flat surface with a bunch of books piled high.

DIY Photography Backdrop

24 hours later I repeated the process on the other side, and then waited another 24 hours for the glue to dry. Now I have 4 different floor/backdrop combinations and I only have to carry 2 boards! I love the green color, but I don’t love the tan as much with the light colored floor. At some point I may repaint it.

DIY Faux Wood Floor Photography Backdrop DIY Faux Wood Floor Photography Backdrop DIY Faux Wood Floor Photography Backdrop DIY Faux Wood Floor Photography Backdrop

And here is the DIY photography backdrop pulled back. So easy, and looks gorgeous! Perfect for products, newborn photo sessions, or one year old photo sessions!

DIY Faux Wood Floor Photography Backdrop

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