About the Photographer

Hi! I’m Mary Rose Widmer, photographer, writer, and aspiring world traveler [hello destination weddings!]

As a child, I always knew I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Books were my passion; I loved how an author could write a story that would transport a reader to another world, opening their mind to new experiences and a new way of thinking. [Favorites? Les Miserables, Lord of the Rings, Unbroken, Pride and Prejudice, the list goes on forever…]

My desire to tell a story artistically, showing others the world as I saw it, flourished in a new way when one fateful Christmas, I opened a present from my wonderful and perfectly amazing husband that contained my first DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel  T3.

I was enthralled, and soon discovered that mastering photography was a far more intricate and soul-searching process than I had ever imagined. [and expensive!] After hours and hours of research and practice and research and practice, I began my own photography business. Of course, all my research and practice is an ongoing endeavor, learning new techniques and gathering fresh ideas daily, but I am thrilled to capture your memories as art that you, your family and your friends can enjoy for years to come. [cheesy, but so true]

What else about me? I’m a published journalist, marketer, knitter/crocheter [it’s not just for grandmas], I’m willing to attempt almost any DIY project; basically I stay very busy! My husband Joel and I live in the quaint, historic town of Saint Charles, Illinois, in the suburbs of Chicago. Joel is my biggest cheerleader, my greatest critic, and the inspiration behind my romantic and dreamy sensibilities. [Insert romantic Taylor Swift lyrics poetry here].

My greatest source of strength has come from my faith in my Savior, Jesus Christ. He has carried me through the valleys and peaks of my life and I could not be more grateful for His saving grace.

Have any questions about me? Please don’t hesitate to contact me! [I mean, who doesn’t like to talk about themselves? But seriously, I’d love to hear about you, too!]


Mary Rose Widmer, the photographer behind Mary Rose Photography, is a wedding, engagement, and portrait photographer based in Saint Charles, Illinois.

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